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Another piece of Wispeco innovation: The Crealco Product Range.

Wispeco Aluminium (Pty) Ltd continues its innovative streak by introducing a user friendly tool to allow finding a suitable compliant energy efficient Crealco product for your building application easily. The Crealco Product Range is a one page specification guide and groups all Wispeco’s Crealco Products into four main categories, or as some would call it product ranges, namely; Home, Mansion, Mall and Tower range.

  • The Home range is the entry level residential buildings range and groups Crealco Aluminium window and door products suitable for residential buildings in the middle to lower income categories.
  • The Mansion range is a residential range and group products suitable for upmarket residences, lodges, estates, etc. These products may also be used in commercial applications.
  • The Mall range moves to commercial projects and groups products suitable for shopping complexes, malls, office blocks, hospitals, etc.
  • Finally, the Tower range groups products for commercial applications suitable for high-rise buildings, hotels, airports, etc.
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The Crealco Product Range is subdivided into various product types:

  1. Aluminium Windows:
    Includes sliding, casement (top or side hung), pivot, shop front and inward tilt & turn windows.
  2. Aluminium Doors:
    Includes sliding, hinged, pivot, shop front, stacking folding, tilt & turn and tilt & slide doors.
  3. Aluminium Bath and Shower Enclosures:
    Includes sliding or pivot shower doors, fixed panels and pivot or sliding bath enclosures.
  4. Aluminium Barriers:
    Includes partitioning, sliding, hinged or stack away adjustable or fixed shutters, Y/O/Z louvres, window or door insect screens, safety bars and balustrades.
  5. Aluminium Curtain Walls:
    Includes Façade 60, our latest and most innovative curtain wall system that is cost effective, energy efficient and easy to fabricate and install with no punching and heavy machining required at all.

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Crealco SWIFT 28 window (28mm)   
Crealco SWIFT 30.5 window (30.5mm)   
Crealco SWIFT 34 window (34mm)  
Crealco SWIFT 36 window (36mm) 
Crealco SWIFT 38 window (38mm) 
Pivot 38 window (38mm)  
Skyline high performance casement window (41mm)
Serene casement or tilt and turn window (52mm) 
Elite sliding window  
1000 sliding window  
Vert 70 vertical sliding window  
Clip 44 shop front   
500 slenderline sliding window   
Crealco Swift 28 Prefab   
Crealco Evolution 
Crealco Resistance 
Crealco Icon sliding door  
Palace high performance sliding door 
Clip 44 internal sliding door  
Vistafold sliding folding door  
Serene heavy duty tilt and sliding or hinged door 
Clip 44 hinged door 
Clip 44 pivot door 
Clip 44 Inserts    
Bath and Shower
Seal Tri-slide shower door 
Seal Pivot shower door 
Seal Panel shower return panel 
Splash Triple sliding bath enclosure  
Splash Pivot bath enclosure   
Splash Fixed panel bath enclosure  
Barriers and Screens
NewYork balustrade 
Horizon adjustable shutters for window and doors  
Guardian security barrier for windows and doors  
Safety Bars for windows    
Tranquil sliding insect screen for doors   
Dusk insect screen for windows  
Cassette roll-up insect screen for windows   
Fixed Louvre (Y, Oval, Z, Lazy Z) 
Clip Louvre clip-in fixed door ventilator   
Curtain Wall
Façade 60 pressure plate curtain wall  
Facade 60 flush glaze curtain wall   


Crealco Facade 60 flush glaze curtain wall
Product overview
The Crealco Facade 60 flush glaze curtain wall offers a contemporary look while providing architects & designers with design flexibility. The flush glaze option consists of all the same features as the pressure plate system and utilises the same mullions and transoms.