All Wispeco Aluminium's Crealco products are type tested by AAAMSA's (Architectural Aluminium Association of South Africa) SANAS accredited test rig and SAFIERA's (South African Fenestration, Insulation Energy Rating Association) rotatable guarded hot box for mechanical and energy efficiency performance compliance.

Wispeco have over time developed FREE innovative software programs to assist various levels of the window and door supply chain with designing, specifying, fabricating and installing compliant and durable Crealco windows and doors. The Crealco software packages are all FREELY available to architectural building professionals and aluminium window and door fabricators.

  1. Starfront is a design, estimating and fabrication program that is Agrément (construction technical assessment agency) certified for use by window and door fabricators to ensure they design, cost and fabricate Crealco product that is compliant to building regulations for a specific location. View Introduction or Overview video

  2. U-Solve is a design, budget and energy efficiency compliance calculation program used by architects to design and specify Crealco products for a project. It is Agrément certified and SAFIERA endorsed with its data based on real actual U-Values and SHGC allowing compliant design for a specific buildings' energy efficiency requirement for a specific location. View detailed brochure

  3. FPD (Fenestration Performance Declaration) is a one page project specific compliance assurance declaration that is issued by aluminium fabricators with a unique traceable declaration number that confirm compliance with all relevant building regulations in terms of the projects design, material use, fabrication, glazing, installation and maintenance methods. It serves as a document that enables Architects and Building Contractors to sign off the project with confidence. View detailed brochure